A resource for Craft Beer on the Central Coast.

Beer Styles

American Brown Ale

Derived from the English Brown Ale, American version’s simply use American ingredients. Caramel malt aromas and flavors are dominant with subtle hints of floral hops. Innovative versions may have additions of coffee or nuts. Local Examples: Figueroa Mountain – Davy Brown Ale Firestone – Bravo Brown Institution Ale Co. – Imperial Restraint Shanty Irish – Brown Ale Classic Examples: Big Sky – Moose Drool Rogue – Hazelnut Brown Nectar Saint Archer – Coffee Brown Sierra Nevada – Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale Notable Examples: Alesmith – Nut Brown Beachwood BBQ – Rye Like An Eagle Dogfish Head – Palo Santo Marron Surly –...

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American Barleywine

No, this is not a form of wine in any sense. In fact the American Barleywine arguably is the most massive style of craft beer available, both in flavor and ABV. American Barleywine’s are an intense interpretation of the English counterpart. Alcohol is clearly perceived and styles can range from sweet to bittersweet. Malt flavors are caramel and toffee like, but never burnt or roasted. Big hop bitterness and flavor is contributed by American hop varieties, emphasizing pine and citrus. Local Examples: Figueroa Mountain – Hell’s Half Acre Firestone – Helldorado Firestone – §ucaba Telegraph – Rhinoceros Classic Examples: Alesmith – Old Numbskull Lagunitas – Olde GnarlyWine Sierra Nevada – Bigfoot Stone – Old Guardian Notable Examples: Almanac – Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine Anchorage – A Deal With The Devil Firestone – Maltose Falcons Brownywine Hangar 24 – Barrel No. 4...

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American Pale Ale

The American Pale Ale became a classic within the American Craft Beer movement. Dominated by American hop varieties, Cascade being the most traditional, APA’s showcase aroma’s and flavor’s of pine and citrus with a low to medium caramel malty backbone. American Pale Ale’s tend to be cleaner and crisper than the more malty and balanced British renditions. Local Examples: Barrelhouse – Pale Ryder Figueroa Mountain – Pale Ale Firestone Walker – Pale 31 Tap It – APA Classic Examples: Anchor – Liberty Ale Deschutes – Mirror Pond Oskar Blues – Dale’s Pale Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale Notable Examples: Alpine – Hoppy Birthday Maine Beer Co. – MO Russian River – Row 2/Hill 56 Three Floyds – Zombie...

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American India Pale Ale (IPA)

The American IPA is arguably the pinnacle of the American Craft Beer movement. They are the top-selling craft beer style in supermarkets and liquor stores across the U.S. and have led all other categories in the number of entries for the past six years in a row at the Great American Beer Festival. American IPA’s are a stronger, hoppier style of pale ale defined by a vibrant presence of American hop varieties in the aroma and taste. Hop flavors of citrus, pine, fruit, dank and resin are common as well as a high level of bitterness and just enough malt backbone to balance everything out. Local Examples: Barrelhouse – IPA Figueroa Mountain – Lizard’s Mouth Firestone – Union Jack Tap It – IPA Classic Examples: Ballast Point – Sculpin Bear Republic – Racer 5 Dogfish Head – 60 Minute Stone – IPA Notable Examples: Alpine – Duet Maine Beer Co. – Lunch Russian River – Blind Pig The Alchemist – Focal...

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American Amber/Red Ale

A style that originated in America due to brewers seeking something different yet not too challenging to brew in the early 1990’s. Named more for it’s color, Amber Ale’s range largely in flavor. Rich dark caramel and toasty malt forward backbones are common as well as more hop balanced renditions. The key is to have both medium to high malt flavors and assertive hop bitterness without a strong hop aroma and a smooth drinkability. Local Examples: Cambria Beer Co. – Toyon Central Coast – Topless Red Firestone – Rufus Shanty Irish – Angry Irish Classic Examples: New Belgium – Fat Tire Bear Republic – Red Rocket Green Flash – Hop Head Red Rogue – Santa’s Private Reserve Notable Examples: Anderson Valley – Boont Amber Ale Kern River – Dirty Hippie Maine Beer Co. – Zoe Tröegs – Nugget...

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