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American Barleywine

No, this is not a form of wine in any sense. In fact the American Barleywine arguably is the most massive style of craft beer available, both in flavor and ABV. American Barleywine’s are an intense interpretation of the English counterpart. Alcohol is clearly perceived and styles can range from sweet to bittersweet. Malt flavors are caramel and toffee like, but never burnt or roasted. Big hop bitterness and flavor is contributed by American hop varieties, emphasizing pine and citrus.

American Barley Wine
Local Examples:

Figueroa Mountain – Hell’s Half Acre
Firestone – Helldorado
Firestone – ┬žucaba
Telegraph – Rhinoceros

Classic Examples:

Alesmith – Old Numbskull
Lagunitas – Olde GnarlyWine
Sierra Nevada – Bigfoot
Stone – Old Guardian

Notable Examples:

Almanac – Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine
Anchorage – A Deal With The Devil
Firestone – Maltose Falcons Brownywine
Hangar 24 – Barrel No. 4 Hammerhead

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