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American Brown Ale

Derived from the English Brown Ale, American version’s simply use American ingredients. Caramel malt aromas and flavors are dominant with subtle hints of floral hops. Innovative versions may have additions of coffee or nuts.

American Brown Ale
Local Examples:

Figueroa Mountain – Davy Brown Ale
Firestone – Bravo Brown
Institution Ale Co. – Imperial Restraint
Shanty Irish – Brown Ale

Classic Examples:

Big Sky – Moose Drool
Rogue – Hazelnut Brown Nectar
Saint Archer – Coffee Brown
Sierra Nevada – Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale

Notable Examples:

Alesmith – Nut Brown
Beachwood BBQ – Rye Like An Eagle
Dogfish Head – Palo Santo Marron
Surly – Bender

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