A resource for Craft Beer on the Central Coast.

American Amber/Red Ale

A style that originated in America due to brewers seeking something different yet not too challenging to brew in the early 1990’s. Named more for it’s color, Amber Ale’s range largely in flavor. Rich dark caramel and toasty malt forward backbones are common as well as more hop balanced renditions. The key is to have both medium to high malt flavors and assertive hop bitterness without a strong hop aroma and a smooth drinkability.


Local Examples:

Cambria Beer Co. – Toyon
Central Coast – Topless Red
Firestone – Rufus
Shanty Irish – Angry Irish

Classic Examples:

New Belgium – Fat Tire
Bear Republic – Red Rocket
Green Flash – Hop Head Red
Rogue – Santa’s Private Reserve

Notable Examples:

Anderson Valley – Boont Amber Ale
Kern River – Dirty Hippie
Maine Beer Co. – Zoe
Tr̦egs РNugget Nectar

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